Friday, 30 August 2013

I may need a lie down... In a dark room!

Right, so as anyone who may regularly read my blog (I hope these at least two, me being one) will begin to see a pattern possibly emerging. I like to try new things; I mean I don’t really care if I know the outcome will be bad I wanna try it. So when I find a product that contains several flavours in one package I get excited. I enjoy experiencing variety and then talking about it hence why I started this blog.

I thought that this blog would encourage me to seek out new chocolate to try, not that I needed much encouragement (I often squeal when I see new products!) It stops me becoming predictable at least and sales of Fredo bars are probably going to be on the decline! Since starting to seek new flavours I have discovered I like both nuts and mushrooms, two things that throughout my life I have had a hatred for. This discovery alone proves that we should try every opportunity we come across. Don’t get me wrong I’m still not going near a raw tomato and if you’re in the splash zone you’ll understand. I know in the grand scheme of things trying new foods isn’t exactly a momentous thing but it’s meant I’ve bought something that has travelled as far afield as Australia just for me to eat.
Bask in the image of possible perfection

This is a good link to today’s review. Firstly as it comes from Australia and secondly it is a bar made up of six whole different flavours. Practically variety in a tube, or a flimsy foil wrapper to be precise. I was very impressed when I found this as it meant I in theory would be trying six new things in one purchase, points for variety and value for money. Although the bar was like £3.50 but it had to pay extra for a kosher meal and leg room on the plane.

So todays review is of the Australian Cadburys snack bar (Different from the UK snack, which is essentially a chocolate biscuit and not so exciting.) These bars are made of six blocks of chocolate each with their own fillings. It’s like buying a very small quality street tin, if you have a good imagination.

I’ll be honest by the time I got round to trying this bar it was past its prime. At the time of buying it was beyond its best before and the week it spent in my cupboard was the hottest of the summer. I feel a bit bad basing my opinion solely on this one specimen, but then the packaging should prepare it for travelling. Enough chat however more stats, or whatever passes as a review around here.

It may have been squashed but I didn't care.
The first block in this bar is petty standard, a caramel filling. I expected it to be like your normal dairy milk caramel but was surprised at the difference.  The chocolate was much less sweeter than a dairy milk bar and tasted rather plain. This could be because the dairy milk in the UK is much sweeter than most other milk chocolate; I hoped so as if not it was because it may have gone bad. The other difference was the caramels taste as unfortunately it had absorbed much of the flavour from the Turkish delight block and lost the caramel taste. I had hardened a bit too and as a result was chewy rather than creamy. We were off to a bad start and I was worried.

The next piece was the Turkish delight, which ironically in its eagerness to spread its flavour was lacking. Compared to a Fry’s delight this was nothing it had a hint of that familiar taste but only a whisper in the night. This left the block tasting rather plain although it had maintained the jelly like texture so at least it had that.

Then came what I thought was Lemon but turns out it was meant to be pineapple. This alone will tell you a lot about the flavour on offer here.  It did have a slight bitter sweet taste but very sparing. Things were looking bleak and we are half way through. Disaster struck in the form of block four which tasted like a second Turkish delight. Had they miss manufactured this choccy with two of the same block? No surely not, for one it has a unique texture one I can’t quite put my finger on (not just for hygiene reasons.) I had to look it up, turns out it was coconut, well that explained the texture but not the taste. I was really disappointed now after all I’d had my RDA of Turkish Delight.

To cheer us up, heres a cat in a pop art hat
It ends on a slightly less sour note thankfully as the final two of strawberry and orange actually had a good quality flavour. However they were rather just like the normal crèmes you get in the variety boxes everyone throws around at Christmas. They tasted good though so I won’t complain about these.

Overall this bars failings are probably due to an overambitious idea. Even if it was in ship shape condition, having multiple flavours would always cause the weaker ones to be overpowered by the stronger flavours.  The chocolate probably would have had more flavour had it not been out of date and warmed, then cooled. As you can tell this bar rather disappointed I but I could always just buy a box of Roses. Then again where’s the fun in that? That’s too easy.

Begrudgingly 3 out of 11

Sweet heaven Bluewater

Final Thoughts
It may have to be retried later, although not for a while my heart can't take it. 

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