Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Explaining my Hiatus (This is not late at all)

You got anything excited planned for the next weekend? Oh yeah, right, that sounds good. Good to have plans and keep busy when you can I suppose. Me? Thanks for asking, I’m touched. Nothing much really just some volunteer work… at the READING MUSIC FESTIVAL!!! How cool am I?

Well so cool that amongst all the packing and preparation I still manage to find time for sweet obsession. Sometimes however these two seemingly conflict events overlap, when these glorious moments happen it’s like the planets aligned. That’s how I felt when whilst buying essentials I spotted this festival pack of Tic Tacs. Wow isn’t that spooky and ummm colourful!
All the colours of a multipack!!!

Boasting a whopping four different flavours (whoop di doo) what more variety could you want to get you into a festive mood? This pack combines the tastes (though none are new) of lime, orange, passion fruit and cherry. Now the cynic in me would like to point out these packs is mere lazy rebranding. Essentially it is the box of Orange& Lime mixed with the box of passion fruit &cherry. However the excited child in me slaps the cynic and points out not only how colourful the mix is but that these are my two favourite packs of Tic Tacs. Furthermore he explains by buying this pack of 100 I am saving money, so shut up!

One problem however with both of these packs is that I prefer one flavour over another. I’m sure we all would right? What we may not all do however is refuse to consume the favourite flavour until all of the lesser favoured have gone. Now when we are talking about four different varieties and not just two the problem just gets worse. However I soon worked out a preference order of lime, passion fruit, and orange leaving cherry for last. Even to me this begins to move away from a charming quirk into the realms of keeping dead road kill in the freezer style OCD. On the plus side the pack does last slightly longer.

Right so the flavours, these won’t come to any surprise to anyone who has ever tried these flavours as all like coloured Tic Tacs taste the same. So starting with lime we get the usual overly sweet and sharp taste of clearly artificial lime. Very chemical and not at all like any lime you would find roaming in the wild.

How my Tic Tac OCD starts.
As I write this I struggle to come up with a reason as to why I actually buy Tic Tacs. The most I can think of is out of habit combined with the ease of being able to carry them in my pocket to chug in times of boredom. I don’t particularly enjoy the flavours and have tried all of the current ones several times over. Yet I’ll catch a glimpse of Tic Tacs in the corner of my eye and throw them in with the rest of the shopping, only realising I’ve made the decision once I’ve left the store and eaten half.

Not dwelling on this rather predictable behaviour I move on to passion fruit. Again very sweet and chemical, unlike lime however I have never tried passion fruit and therefore I can’t compare these to the real specimen. I’m going to bet though that these have been no nearer said fruit than I have. Same procedure for both orange and cherry like overly perfected versions of their real life counterpart in pill form. They are like the sort of thing sci fi media will have you believe are dinners will be like any day now.
Yeah all festivals are this organized... right?

Tic Tacs are basically like super soldier version of the fruit they are meant to be impersonating. They taste like how you would describe the perfect version of the food to someone who’s never heard of them.  However they are missing something that fresh fruit has, every piece of fruit is different and has their own character about them. One apple will taste very completely different from another. Tic Tacs don’t instead the flavours don’t differ and this makes them, well just a bit dull. Hence why I tend to just buy these out of habit, in the newsagents I will just subconsciously add the pack to my purchases. I wish I could end this with a bit more enthusiasm, maybe if I do find a new colour I can be excited over Tic Tacs again. Until then we are just going through the motions.

Overall these are just the same Tic Tacs just mixed together. Also now that I rethink it do I really want a new flavour? After all new flavours means more sorting, I could just do a jigsaw. I'd like to add that I am now back from the muddy, druggy, smoke filled wasteland of awesome fun and hope to go back to regular blogging behaviour. If anyone missed me that is.  

5 out of 11

Boots cash chemists

Final Thoughts
I feel slightly conned and used by Tic Tac

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