Get in touch, but not literally!!!

So who is the blog master?
Yeah so my names Josh
 (ignore any referances to Roy, it was an old persona, may have missed a few refernces here and there) 
I have a sweet tooth. I'm on a mission to seek out new things and this blog is going to get me there... Hopefully!

What are you reviewing?
So far it has all been sweet based, however I may branch out to any edible experience I can get my hands on. To help with this I encourage you to challenge me to find products to review. You can do this by emailing me at:, or sending a tweet to

Will you review my product?
Honestly if you have something you want reviewing I would be honored to review it for you, bear in mind I will stay impartial and be honest.

How then can I get you to review something good sir?
Email me at and thanks for being so polite.

Advertisement space you ask?
Again email me at the above address and we'll talk.

All Done?
Pretty much unless I can think of something else to add. Hope you all have a good day.

Hire me

Did you enjoy reading my article and find it entertaining and engaging. Perhaps you think that your customers would too.
If so then you may wish to hire me to write for you. I can be contacted at I look forward to hearing from you
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