Right so I've had an idea, I love finding new things in shops. Honestly if I find out a new products on the horizon I get hyped up and all the better if I had no pror knowledge. However like all of us there is specific things we look out for even if it's on a sub conscious level. For instance I'm always going to try new chocolate over new Humus. Its not really fair after all they are both edible.

What am I getting at? Basically I want you guys to challenge me to try any edibles you've seen in stores near you. I will then go out and hunt these things down to review, I don't care if they are manky.

There are some rules:
 1) UK only stores! Sorry but much as I'd love to try other countries goods I'm limited to my location!
2) Don't be a smart arse and tell me to try something thats not edible or poisonous. (Especially not cyanide, my nearest and dearests don't want me dissolved into goop apparently.)
3) I may have to add to these rules as we go on as I haven't really thought it through yet!

So if you want me to review something email me at or tweeter me at and be a dear and follow while your there. :P

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