Sunday, 19 January 2014

A ban on Carrots for me!!!

Ouch, Yeash, Ooopsy! Which ever expletive you prefer the meaning is the same. I have been slacking a bit lately and those show if I'm honest that I don't really have an excuse. It's been almost three weeks since my last post. I'd like to say I've been super busy, but in honesty that would be a lie. If I took the honesty further I'd have to say I think my one post a day challenge burned me out.

Also the fact that I am no longer limiting my blog to just sweets has meant I in theory do have more topics open to me. So what does one talk about when they have the entirety of the cosmos to talk about. Well I think considering this blogs history the obvious answer is food. It's on my mind much of the time and as of recently rather on my body too. No don't worry I've not got into weird food fetishes over the festive period (that would just be plain odd). Nope, according to some however my latest obsession (snacking on carrots) has taken an amusing and worrying turn.

It was noticed the other day by a "friend" (a true friend may have let me enjoy my blissful ignorance perhaps) that my hands had taken up a bit of an Orange hue. Of course like a good chum they didn't pull me to one side let me know subtly and let me go dignity in tact. No, they chose the true friend fashion of telling everyone in the vicinity and embarrassing the hell out of me. To be honest that's a true sign of love right there. Better still was this was during another friends birthday celebration meaning my whole group could revel in my strangeness.

So there I stood for about ten minutes with my hands upheld for inspection by all. The outcome was several speculations and helpful hints. Followed by a ruling from my girlfriend telling all to watch my carrot intake and from now on. I felt a bit like a drug addict at rehab, except my habits not quite as cool. Although it does mean I too see things in the dark.

At the time of writing I feel my obsession with the orange "sin sticks" is passing and hopefully I will return to "normal" soon. But I am also weirdly concerned and intrigued as to what my next food craving could be. It also brings up a cool discussion point please comment below about your food ravings that seemed odd or had a colorful affect on your life. I look forward to seeing the craziness put forward. In the mean time I will be playing with the blog and the layout as I still haven't updated it since being truthful about myself at New Years.

Carrots gotta love em'

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