Thursday, 8 August 2013

A Ton of Tunnocks!!!

So my first review was something from "across the pond", well today I thought i should aim closer to home. Although not too close as I review Scotland's famous Tunnock's teacakes. Remember the Tunnock's part is important and as everyone knows ( well everyone obsessed with sweet stuff) the only real teacake is theirs. I've heard good things about Mark's & Spencer's teacakes but their cakes marshmallow center isn't as pleasing.

I admit i may have already had one prior to the photo.

Looks wise, Tunnock's certainly standout. The famous color scheme clearly identifies the brand and they proudly proclaim their heritage (a family business since 1890, don't you know?). Out of their packaging each cake is like a perfectly molded chocolate hillock. The smell is subtle and a bit disappointing like the cardboard packaging, however this doesn't put me off too much.

So without waiting any longer i take a bite the first impression is quite something. The thin chocolate falls apart allowing access to that marshmallow. These mallows are what sets their products apart. For most teacakes at some point in production their marshmallow becomes hard, worse still some acquire jam. But Tunnock's centers stay so gooey that its almost cream. The final layer, but but no means least is the biscuit base. This wonderfully crumbly biscuits falls apart and mixes with the chocolate and marshmallow perfectly and leave an amazing blend in your mouth.

Overall these cakes taste great and aren't as heavy as the own brand teacakes. Their only downfall for me is that the chocolate may be too thin and actually tastes a bit cheap. However if left to completely melt in your mouth it blends together with the other layers, anything more may have become overpowering. As it is there is a very good balance and this is clearly what sets Tunnock's teacakes apart from other similar products.

Perfectly cut by myself.
6 out of 11

Found these in Tesco, although they are widely available.

Final Thoughts
Bit worried readers will think i work for Tunnocks, I don't  however if they need a cream taster I'm open.

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