Wednesday, 7 August 2013

White chocolate? Candy Corn!

I'll start as i mean to go on and by that i mean my first proper post shall be a sweet review (pun accepted though not intended). Over here in Britain we are enjoying a bit of a candy obsession and I'm loving it. So when i saw these certainly eye catching m&m's on Amazon i ordered quickly with some express delivery to go with. Clearly my postman picked up on my need to try as he flung them through my letterbox and halfway down my hallway the next day. This excitement transferred to me as i wasted no time in opening them and emptying them gloriously into an airtight container. This is because the only bag i could find was a large share bag and these were clearly gonna be around for a while.

So upon first impression looks wise i almost had to whip out my sunglasses, these sweets come in three colors white, orange and yellow to match the bag and the sweet they are emulating. Boy are they brightly colored which as nature teaches us this could be a warning sign that there's more artificial than natural flavors on offer here. Then again as they are trying to be Candy corn pieces (which i confess I've never tried but associate them with a fun fair vibe) perhaps they are intentionally garish and artificial.

Surely if your mascots embarrassed it's not good, right?
I'll briefly explain my usual process when trying new sweets, Suck & crunch. By this I mean i always prefer to savor my sweets and start by sucking on the first victim till its eroded away. Then the next one I'll just crunch straight away to get the other perspective before by and large go back to savoring. Clearly I'm a connoisseur with a refined tongue, I think not. So anyway I popped one in my gob and began my process.

Blinded by all the colors of the... candy corn?
The sugar coating is much sweeter than usual m&m's and lacks a subtle chocolate flirt i often think of. Tasting more like cheap granulated sugar to me. The chocolate inside is a nice white chocolate although again lacks the taste in favor of a very powerful almost chemical sweetener like taste though with the usual creamy texture. Whilst not unpleasant these are clearly not chocolaty and I imagine they do taste rather like candy corn and once gone i wanted another. Good job i have two techniques to keep it fresh right? So next one i crunched outright and WOW is there a sweet taste here. Again the taste was very sweet in an artificial way, reminding me of times when I've eaten a sweetener tablet on it's own. The coating gets a bit lost but provides a satisfying crunch to the chemical taste.

In the end i think I'll have to try some of the Candy corn to judge these fully (what a burden right?) However as m&m's go they are fairly disappointing, too sweet and artificial although this is probably their intention. Most worryingly is that despite this they are very moreish and i could probably finish this big bag (7 servings at 220 calories per serving) very quickly. What the hell is in theses things?

6 out of a possible 11

On Amazon, which is a bit cheating as i like to stumble upon things normally.

Final Thoughts
Kind of regretting calling my process Suck & crunch considering the possible connotations. 

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