Friday, 9 August 2013

A confession at last!

I'll hold my hands up and admit it... I'm an impulsive shopper!(Shock and horror, right?) Don't get me wrong this does mean I often try new things when I'm shopping which i love, however it also makes each trip to the supermarket expensive, time consuming and heavy. It's this impulsiveness that led to this blog and made me put a box of cereal into my basket without fully realizing till I got home to unpack. Where some would see another unwise purchase and evidence that I'm the shops lapdog, I see a chance to review something.

I would not trust this guy!
Okay so from the box this is clearly a cereal for children, bright colors, promotion on the back for free goodies and a smug superhero on the front enjoying the contents. Not sure what this says about my state of mind, who cares? I have cereal! Not just that but cereal that proudly boasts that it's low in fat and a source of fiber (I'd point out to the marketing team that technically so is paper, and the box itself. Perhaps they meant the box is the source of fiber and low in fat. This train of thought/side notes getting a bit long sorry.) Not wanting to be too put off this is the furthest i was prepared to delve into the nutritional information and after all I didn't buy this for the health benefits. No it's for the combined flavors of chocolate and caramel, and moreover at a cheaper price than Krave, with this positive thinking I anticipated breakfast.

Now I'm that magical combination of being male and a student so don't feel too ashamed in admitting I had a handful straight from the bag before my morning milk touched them. They were crunchy (obviously) but lacked a strong flavor at this point, warning bells loomed. Undeterred however I splashed some milk over a bowlful and made a coffee while they soaked.

This bowl is showing some serious signs of mistreatment!
The initial spoonfuls were still rather solid, but the taste was coming through and chocolate seemed to be the most prevalent. At this point it was like slightly cheap Coco Pops although not in a bad way. After a while longer as i pondered over my day (as you do at breakfast) they softened and the usual transformation occurred. Now the caramel had come out to play and that's something you don't get with Coco Pops. The softer texture helped them blend and the chocolate and caramel combination works, as it always does. Although this did come with and odd side effect of leaving the roof of my mouth feeling greasy.

Once all the shapes were gone (no idea what I'd call these, polygons perhaps?) I was left with the milk. As the reader is well aware I' sure with this type of cereal the leftover milk can make or break a product. Many an expensive brand is often shunned for it's lackluster milk transformations. I have to say that this cereal achieved a model landing, the milk now had a great chocolate, caramel taste to it. It's a great cereal that combines the two flavors well but next time I'll stick to caramel Krave I think.

See it's an easy thing to boast!
7 out of 11

This is Sainsbury's own brand cereal.

Final Thoughts
100g of rice paper has less fat than 100g of this but does have slightly less fiber.

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