Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Welcome Saxon Dazer

I know, i know, the last thing the interwebbage needs is another blog (Actually probably needs more blogs than it does cats or porn). Yet someday i hope to be one of those grown up writer's you hear about in the news, like an over eager salesman i need a foot in the door. Therefore i have created a blog, this blog where i hope to post regularly.

Not entirely sure what will be flowing forth, sometimes it's best not to question. Anything that i feel compelled enough to write about, this may well be thoughts in my head at the time of writing or my views on topical issues, or just a review of something I've tried recently. the latter is most likely and I'm expecting to do a lot of reviews of sweet stuffs, but everyone loves sweets right?

Well whatever this blog becomes i hope it's fun for me to write, you to read and the psychiatrists to pick apart after my inevitable sweet fueled crazed babble attacks. I hope to have my first proper post up by the end of today which will be a review of some m&m's i bought on Amazon (not gonna lie i'm a bit of an impulsive buyer, keeps things... interesting). Not much else i think i want to say in this post except welcome to my madness.

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