Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Edo Bears Thankfully Not A Typo

Yes, I am basically a geeky man child! I’m sure anyone who has taken the time to read my other posts can quite easily attest to this. Therefore it should not come as much of a surprise to anyone that I bought these pretty much because of their name.  I couldn't help it, after all these beauties are one letter away from being that famous internet meme that you wouldn't want anywhere near your mouth. Also the fact that the bears look rather grumpy (to be fair it’s justifiable with that name, for a start I bet the postman misbelievers some of HIS post to them) makes me giggle whenever I look at my packs.

I did also buy these for a sensible-ish reason and that’s their similarities to Hello Panda biscuits. I love Hello Panda; it was after all one of the products that kick-started my obsession with seeking out new foods. So proud was I of my first box that I still keep a photo of it on my phone. A bit extreme possibly, but you wouldn't judge someone for having a picture of their kid would you? (Ok a bad comparison there perhaps.)

Don't you judge me!
Whilst I knew that these wouldn't be as good as their panda cousins I bought them anyway. They do have one advantage over said panda’s in that they are sold in snack pack multi-bags. This means they keep fresher for longer (although not a problem I often have once I’ve opened a pack) but more importantly can be stuck in my bag for my many expeditions. I know you can get snack bags of Hello pandas too, but these are rather hard to stumble upon and don’t come in multi-bags. Usually I can only find the cardboard tube varieties.

Now I’m not sure what type of bears these are supposed to be. In all honesty I’m just glad they aren’t That aforementioned bear. If I had to guess I would say they are some kind of Koala, specifically of the harassed variety. Even on the biscuit themselves the printed pictures seem a bit peeved to be there. Then again they are a bit faded so perhaps their annoyance lies with the makers who used a lower quality ink than Meiji use. Each picture is slightly different however so they get points back for that, after all variety is the spice of life (especially when dealing with bears, right?).

This is my biscuit back off! We've all been there.
I wasn't sure what country these came from and so did some research, I’m good like that. Worryingly the first site had their country of origin listed as “No”. After consulting my GCSE in Geography (where we learnt mostly about clouds.) and more accurately an atlas I found no country with such a name. Just when I almost began to question these biscuits very existence I found a vague reference to them being a Korean snack and my mind was put slightly at ease and so I opened them up. I was met with a pleasant surprise. Whilst they look like a small bag that will contain a stingy serving they instead contain about twelve or so bears. Perhaps overcrowding is the source of their anguish.

So what are they like? Well I was expecting them to taste like a sub-par panda but once again they surprised me. They aren't as nice but not cheap tasting like I was preparing myself for. More hollow than I had hoped but what chocolate it did contain was a nice, creamy and good quality chocolate. The biscuit is light and crunchy, although not quite as sweet as they should be perhaps. It has been a fair few months since I’d bought these and was worried that they may have gone a bit stale. Yet they had stayed fresh longer than many other biscuits would, especially when you remember that they would have been imported as well.

This ones annoyed at my frankly lacking photography skills.
Overall these are rather nice and very handy being sold in small grab bags making them easy to take out and about with you. I think the biscuit could be a bit sweeter; however this may not have contrasted as well with the chocolate and brought out its flavour. Now they won’t be toppling my beloved pandas off their pillars anytime soon but they have made a valiant effort. Hee-Hee Edo bear.

7 out of 11

Local Chinese market

Final thought
As i write this the Tv is showing a 
programme called "Do Pets Deserve Funerals?", just what?

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