Saturday, 10 August 2013

Weekend wonder time!!!

So the weekend cometh, and to celebrate it’s off to the cinema. Now class other than sticky floors what does this mean? Yep, sweets and this leads me to today’s review. Now I may seem like a sucker in all things to do with money (especially if you read yesterday’s post.) but I can make clever decisions with money sometimes. After forking out the price of a few tickets I feel reluctant to pay over the odds for the cinema sweets, which are cheaper round the corner. Added to this, the shop round said corner does American sweets as well as cheaper chocs.
No nonsense packaging?

Now my plan fails however as I step foot into the shop and immediately spend much more than I would have in in said cinema. I do get that naughty secretive sensation of bringing outside food into their establishment (fight the power). So after much searching my sweet choice for the film was a pack of milk chocolate Flipz. I've had the white fudge Flipz before and was hooked, but in the interest of a varied life I went for these.

Then the hard part began, getting all the way back to the cinema without picking at these tasty morsels. Well dear readers I did it, I stayed strong and the pack stayed fresh until the moment I met my seat. Unfortunately due to excessive adverts and previews my two serving pack was a uno serving by the time the opening credits began playing. This is a good sign in some ways that I made the right choice.
Someone needs to show me where to find these peanut butter variety like now!!!

Now to the chocolate (are they chocolate? Are they pretzels? Are they chetzels? Does it matter?), and to my usual technique of suck & crunch. So when sucking on these you get the outside milk chocolate first, a good quality creamy chocolate if a bit dull. This is until you hit the outside of the pretzel and the hint of salt gives the chocolate a kick that makes me pay attention. The combination of sweet and salt is great and one that I’m beginning to love more often, with the popularity of salted caramel at the moment.  Now a dilemma, pretzel reacts to mouth moisture as bread in that it loses its structural integrity leaving mush behind. I preserve and the mush did taste good and the savoury contrasts well with the sweetness.

When crunched these lose something, the different layers can’t be appreciated and instead the experience is a mix of fleeting chocolate. In this the pretzel flavours strongest and overpowers the rest a bit more than I’d like. Therefore the perfect technique when dealing with this tricky conundrum is to suck them till the chocolates gone then crunch away at the pretzel. Overall I preferred the white fudge variety of these and I guess I’ll have to buy more of them to review for this blog (woe is me). Never the less these are excellent, but be warned they are very moreish!

9 out of 11

Sweet kingdom in lakeside shopping center.

Final thoughts
Why are these called Flipz, although Chetzels would probably cause as much confusion. Why must life be so complex?

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