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Buzz Whoaare what is it good for!! Absolutey something?

Did you read my last review? Why the hell not! Anyway considering I bought todays review at the same time as yesterdays it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this too comes from Oz (Oz here meaning Australia and not the fictitious land of Dorothy fame.) This is basically part two and also allows me to shamelessly plug my previous posts. So if you haven’t read it yet check it out. Go on or you will miss out on all the backstory!

While this may be linked to my previous post don’t assume you know the story here. After all don’t judge a book by its cover (or in this case country of origin.) If you do however judge books by their country then you’re possibly a book racist and shame on you.

It can’t be ignored however that based on my past experiences with Australian candy things are looking bleak here. The first experience you won’t find on my blog, it was a Fredo bar with strawberry filling. I was really hyped up for it as I love Fredo’s and eye the selection other countries get with extreme envy. Sadly upon opening I found the chocolate had bloomed terribly despite being in date. As you can gather the experience left a rather sour and gone off taste in my mouth.

His cheeky face gave me hope.
There are two beacons of hope for this bar however in that it is in date (always a good sign) and also has a cheerful mascot! It caught my attention because of said mascot and the interesting name much like our beloved friendly Fredo frog bars caught us as kids (That’s sounds a bit dodgy now I re-read it.) A Buzz bar is on today’s menu, a slab of marshmallow topped with caramel and coated in milk chocolate.

Two things do strike me in a bad way however, firstly the price was pretty hefty for a chocolate bar the same size as a small milky bar. This is I realise due to having to import them but still yeeesh. I considered this bar from purchase as a blog expense. Unfortunately writing this blog doesn’t come with a Human Resources department willing to reimburse me for money out my own pocket! I hope you readers appreciate the vast lengths of about three quid I goto for you.

The second point is that for a bar called Buzz (loving the onomatopoeic name) and featuring a cheerful bee as a mascot, I’ve got to think show me the honey. Surely they missed a treat there it would have definitely been more unique. Perhaps this would be too sweet for Australian candy consumers.
This made me lose the hope!
Upon I found no particular smell of any of the contents which worried me, though not as much if nothing had been inside at all! I broke off a chunk and found literally the thinnest coating of chocolate ever. The caramel wasn’t any better it was basically a marshmallow. Yep folks looks like the past is about to be repeated for a third time.

I popped it in my gob regardless and my fears were realised. The chocolate melted instantly and with such a small layer I couldn’t even taste it. The caramel too lacked any taste although it did add a sticky texture which was something at least. The marshmallow tasted quite nice thankfully but just of your typical marshmallow nothing special about it.

I tried another bit and chewed this and let me emphasize you can really chew this bar. This time I did taste a bit of the chocolate a bit but it still tasted rather plain. The caramel and marshmallow stuck around for a while as both being rather chewy and sticky I was left opening and closing my jaw like a cow munching grass.

I didn’t like this bar but felt perhaps it was my frame of mind as I’d gone into it with past experiences in mind. So I gave some to my friend to try. Although not a chocolate fan he agreed that it was quite plain but he liked the texture. He said it tasted a bit stale too, something I hadn’t noticed myself. He hasn’t tried Australian chocolate before so it could be the difference in the sweetness between the milk chocolate recipes.

Overall it’s an appealing idea but it seems these bars have been made to be quite cheap. Perhaps they carry a very low price tag in their home turfs like Fredo bars. I’m sure it is very appealing for children who can buy a few from their pocket money change but I’ll be staying away. My friend suggested I stop buying chocolate that’s travelled great distances and I assured him I would be doing no such thing. I want to try a Tim Tam dammit!

2 out of 11

Sweet heaven shop Bluewater

Final thoughts
I may upset a few people who enjoyed these in childhood!

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