Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fish are friends, and FOOD!!

A few months back America celebrated national Smores’ day, I had heard of these treats before but never really paid much attention. Until now I mean these things must be amazing if they have a whole day dedicated to them, right? Also you literally make them yourself and in only a few seconds they sound perfect. Mine weren’t and all my attempts would probably make a veteran Smorer roll their eyes in disgust.

I don’t feel fully responsible for my failings however as I believe my attempts were doomed from the get go. Firstly certain brands have become the go to products in their preparation. For instance graham crackers are needed. Over here we don’t have graham crackers so I used some plain biscuit cracker things I had found. Already a bad start and my Smoring hadn’t even begun. However it was those or Jacob’s cream crackers and that would have been much worse I’m sure. Next I was cooking mine on a hob inside, when I understand Smores’ are to be made round campfires along with ghostly tales.
A nice display of the three varieties and their cheerful expressions.
Ok so perhaps I’m clutching at straws in my excuses but the thick of it is I just got into a gooey mess. A tasty gooey mess, but a mess regardless. One thing that did come out of my slightly obsessive phase was finding a packet of Pepperidge farm smores fish type biscuit things? These are small fish shaped biscuits that the packaging suggests you stack into three layers emulating a traditional smore. The packaging and characters are rather charming and the biscuit bites are cute enough to feel slightly guilty as you chomp on them.

The three different types of fish found in these bags are plain cracker, chocolate cracker and that marshmallow type stuff you get in Lucky Charms. Essentially these are three different tasting crackers stacked on top of each other, not very appealing to read but they did work in some way. However stacking them proved rather fiddly due to their small size so I soon gave up and ate them individual (I’m no fun at all am I?).
My attempts at stacking was on par with the pros
My favourite one was the plain type it was nice and crunchy and had a great oaty taste to them that you don’t find in large biscuits let alone mini bite size varieties such as these. The marshmallow ones are a bit weird for me, being rather chewy and not very nice on their own. I used these mostly with my morning cereal and with ice cream so they ended up with their uses don’t worry. Lastly the chocolate ones were a bit of a mixed bag (pardon the pun). As they don’t have enough of either a chocolaty flavour or oaty taste to make them stand out.

In the end I don’t really see the point of these biscuits myself other than a cute novelty. They are too small to dunk in a drink and too fiddly for their purpose. They are nice but you kinda need to eat them by the handful in order to detect the flavours. You also get a lot in a bag and no matter how I stored them they still wen stale before I had finished.

Look how happy it looks in it's magic circle of protection!
Overall these are nice but probably could do with being both bigger in size and smaller in packaging, like maybe mini snack bags like you get with Ice Gems. Also one problem with eating them individually is I ended up running out of my least favourites’ first and my favourite one’s going stale.

6 out of 11
Sweet Heaven store Bluewater
Final Thoughts
Their smiles will haunt my dreams forever in guilt.

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