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Yo Sushi! The good, the bad and the Mochi

Konnichi-wa! That's hello in Japanese for those of you who don't know. See, my blog can be educational as well as entertaining, though some may say that it's neither. Those few are deviants however so lets not dwell on their opinions.

So if you can't guess from that charismatic and seamless introduction today's review has an aspect of the Orient about it. Only an aspect though, after all I only went to Yo! Sushi not all the way to the Japan. Someday perhaps I'll bring tidings and more than likely treats back from the Far East. Until that day we will have to settle for the South East... of England.

Yo! Sushi has always interested me. Seeing those tiny plates sailing past the customers like something from a game show appealed to my sense fun. Only the idea of not quite knowing what I could be eating and the possibility it could be seaweed was putting me off. Until recently that is when I finally bit the Wasabi, took a seat and let insanity and sushi wash over me.

They are even presented in a great way too!
Believe me I am glad, Yo! sushi is a truly unique experience. It really feels like your in a crazy TV show with the neon colors and waitress call system that plays a random sound clip like a buzzer. For those like me who are worried about the mystery aspect of the food system have no fear. Firstly there is a menu that describes what you see and you can order straight from it. I strongly recommend the Katsu chicken and Vegetable Yakisoba, two dishes only in fact found on the menu.

Secondly I urge you to try a random dish from the belt and really immerse yourself in the experience. In doing this I did genuinely end up eating seaweed thinking it was runner beans. However it tasted soo good that by the time I had realized I didn't care. Today's review isn't about seaweed however as always it concerns something far sweeter, dessert. I decided to top the meal off to try their two newest editions to the men chocolate and cheesecake Mochi.

Mochi is cooked sweet rice pounded into a paste and them formed into a ball. It has a squishy rubber like texture to it and contains a filling, traditionally red bean paste. Now I know that doesn't sound appetizing to the ears and actually they don't look that appetizing to the eyes either. To the mouth though it can be very appealing. The rice outside has no taste itself unless its coated and really just provides a squishy rubber casing that melts in a weirdly pleasing way when masticated. Then you access the filling which can pretty much be anything you could imagine.

So chocolate and cheesecake isn't traditional but believe me it was worth breaking with tradition. Firstly the chocolate one. It has a great taste of luxurious dark chocolate cocoa mainly due to the dusting of cocoa powder on the outside. The filling is a very thick and subtly sweet chocolate paste that contrasts with the bitter dusting. The outside picks up on these flavors brilliantly and the whole thing is almost akin to eating solid hot chocolate.

I made this recently, not relevant but I'm proud of it.
The cheesecake variant is even better believe me. Initially it was a bit disappointing as the outside dusting is soft biscuit. Had it been more like digestive, crunchy and oaty then it may have made the experience astronomical. Not that it wasn't once I got to the gorgeous cream cheese filling. Again a really thick and generous paste, starting off as subtly sweet before shifting seamlessly to a Philedelphia like cheese tinge. I was amazed by these Mochi, where my past experiences had found them to be rather dull and bland (I admit they were store bought) these were truly amazing.

Overall I'd recommend both Mochi and seaweed. However I'd recommend going out of your comfort zone and trying new experiences even more though. You never know what you might find. Lastly I'd like to put out an appeal for you guys to suggest things for me to find and try. I want interesting and odd ideas, things I may not have heard of is best. Comment below or tweet me @Snaxon.

Yo! Sushi

Choclate- 8 out of 11
Cheesecake- 10 out of 11

Final Thought
Sorry for lack of pictures, I was too swept up to capture the moment.

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