Sunday, 20 October 2013

Green Gooey Goodness

Well after a few reviews that have been lacking in chocolate it’s time to go back. Not that it wasn’t an eye-opener as I found out that for one I don’t mind cupcakes. I also found out that my stomach is strong enough to survive the trials of a very fake blood bag. Well today as I say it’s back to the warm comforting bosom of chocolate (my relationship with cocoa would give Freud something to say I’m sure).

They are presented really nicely
The chocolate in question comes from Montezuma, a chocolatier who sell luxury and intriguing combination chocolate. I’ve seen a few of their lines in Waitrose but other than that you have to go instore to find their more obscure concoctions. Recently I noticed that they have had a rather large Halloween range and unlike some people cough Nestle cough aren’t just repackaging old items. Take todays item for instance their gooey chocolate eyeballs.

These are quite a cool idea with a cool eye-catching (hahaha) design that shows they are in the festive spirit. The outside is a milk chocolate shell with a green thing centre. A bit concerning is that I’m not sure what the green stuff is their description is “natural green centre”. Notice they don’t say chocolate, I may be slightly worried but hey ho that’s the fun of Halloween right there right? A really nice touch is the addition of white and dark chocolate for the details like the pupils.

I couldn't have it look at me before I ate it
But all these details and decoration mean nothing if the taste is disastrous so without further ado I try the eye. I’m not going to lie it doesn’t feel quite right, I don’t get that squeamish about eyeballs like a lot of people. Hell in my science class I was one of the only people who could dissect a lambs eye. As far as I remember it wasn’t filled with anything green, natural or otherwise. I took a big bite out of the eye and found the milk chocolate shell to be very pleasing. Nicely sweet and milky, not up to their usual rich standards however so we have another company using less cocoa and more sugar. However nowhere near the Easter egg standards before.

The natural green substance I think is some form of white chocolate however it does taste very similar to the outside milk chocolate. On second trying of the shell I find that it tastes very similar to a milky bar which as you know is white chocolate. The white chocolate on top is hard to find any flavour to as there is so little of it. Ironically the dark chocolate disk did come through however and I could detect a nice rich and bitter dark chocolate.

Natural Green centre?

Overall these are nice; it’s great that they can get into the spirit of festivities without compromising too much on their taste. True it’s nowhere near some of the standards of their luxury range but still pretty decent. Although at £4.99 for a bag of about six I would expect the effort.

8 out of 11

Montezuma store

Final Thoughts
May have to go back in for the bag of frogs just to use the phrase mad as a punch of frogs.

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