Saturday, 12 October 2013

Spider sham, spider sham

So another day, another step towards all Hallows eve. The time when those long since past rise up and seek revenge on those who wronged them. The day when the barrier between our world and the other side gets flimsier than a piece of tissue paper soaked in water… evil water. Also one step closer to all saints day, you know that day when we listen to cheesy nineties pop I think.

Yeah anyway so basically it means all that and allows Company’s the chance to resell all their existing brands with a holiday twist. Or release slightly (and in some cases it is really slightly) altered versions of their products. Take today’s offering to the damned we have an example of a slightly new product. They are called Cadburys Crunchy Spider and describe itself as “MILK CHOCOLATE WITH GREEN CRISPED BALLS”. Nope I didn’t accidentally leave caps on that’s how excited they are to describe the product.

Despite their excitement we all know this is just a dairy milk block with some rice puffs coloured green. I’m not complaining there is after all no dairy milk with rice puffs on the market at other times so at least it has something new-ish. I must admit though I think the packaging’s rather lazy the only thing that makes this a spider is the cardboard base, which is rather unnecessary as they could just market it as a generic bad bug. Either way it’s not really blood chilling but I do like the foil art it’s a nice touch, one slightly chilling thing is that it mentions that it may contain lupin. I don’t know what lupin is other than the Harry Potter character and I hope to god he’s not in here! (Turns out it’s a type of pea or something, who knew?)
Found him scuttling on my window sill.
After unwrapping this frightful freak from the foil I found that the chocolate has a design moulded onto it. Seems the laziness extended further than pointless card as its literally some indentations meant to be hair. If I’m honest it makes it seem rather dodgy now that the legs are gone the round shape and design make it look more like a sensitive male body part than a spider. The thought of eating that though is quite scary so perhaps it’s appropriate.

I broke it in half to show the green puffs and found the chocolate to be slightly aerated though this is probably due to green ball addition rather than deliberate. However when I tried some I did find it melted slightly easier much like the bubbly bars. Taste wise it’s the usual dairy milk that we all know and love. The green rice doesn’t do anything to add flavour. Obviously my purchase wasn’t one of them that may have contained lupin. They do add a nice texture though and work nicely if you allow it to melt on your tongue. 
Sorry you can't quite see the green balls in the photo, they are that small.
They stay nice and crunchy too when cheaper puff bars tend to contain puffs that go soggy.
If chewed straight away you kinda miss out on the puffy additions although they are still somewhat detectable. Except like this they kinda feel like the popping candy bars you can get without the excitement of the popping party. Some still stick around even when chewed so actually in this chocolates case chewing allows the best of both worlds.

Overall it’s not very impressive and is just holiday cash in. It would be greatly improved if they bothered to mould the legs too instead of the cardboard addition, still chocolates chocolate right?

6 out of 11

Local newsagents, they are on offer.

Final Thoughts
What disappointments lie in store next post, bet you can't wait.

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