Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hey Honeybun!

They say an army marches on its stomach. I don’t know quite who “they” are but then we never do, do we? Well I know I’m not quite a whole army but I can state that a Roy marches on his sweet tooth.
Often this marching occurs at lunchtime around the time when it calls for my caffeine kick in either tea or coffee form. For instance todays review was purchased at precisely one thirty alongside a cup of water and teabag. This treat has been tempting me from beside the counter for some time now and I’d been doing well to resist the urge. It’s called an Amondi from a company called Honeybuns.
They have a very friendly if a bit presumptuous packaging
 Apparently until now I have been doing a disservice to the café. For the packaging points out I should “Always say – “Amondi please” when ordering your coffee”. This is slightly pushy I think especially considering some days I don’t even have a coffee. I will let them off this time if they too can see past my misdemeanour of just handing the cake to the server and not asking for one. (As with all good relationships it’s about compromise.)

So what is an Amondi? I certainly want to know. According to Honeybuns it is their version of an Italian Ameretti, but gluten and dairy free. Now I’m not an expert but other than being rather domed and round I don’t quite see a similarity. It’s not got the same obviously crunchy shell for one and it’s about four times the size. Clearly their Ameretti term is rather broad and liberal as it means little bitter things (thanks wiki). These are neither little nor do I think it will taste bitter, though I'll let them off on both accounts.

Still I won’t hold that against it and that almond in the centre is mighty tempting. I open it up and am surprised immediately on the weight and the feel of this biscuit. I’m starting to regret it now, I think if I attempt to dunk this it may just finish off my tea for me. It smells pleasantly sweet and nutty however so all may not be lost folks.

Compare and contrast time folks
It has a doughy feel to it and when I break a bit off I find it appears to be mostly ground up nuts, like compressed sweet tobacco or the filling of a bounty bar. Not really a biscuit more like a small cake. Before I delve in I do the obvious and pick off the almond. Biting down I get what I’d expect and a bit more as it’s taken some of the sweetness from the Amondi. I take this as a good sign of things to come especially if it accompanies a sugar high.

So without further delay I try the cake/biscuit itself. I was right it has that same bitty texture you get with any products concerning desecrated nuts of some identity. It’s nice and crumbly whilst still keeping its form so you’re not covered in droppings. The taste is sweet and faintly fruity but not necessarily nutty, thankfully the sweetness isn’t overpowering or sickly and I find myself easily demolishing the whole piece in one sitting. I tried dunking it but considering it’s already moist and my teas already sweet neither make any passing impact.

May not appear appetizing but at least it perked me up
I don’t think I’ll be asking for it again “when ordering my coffee” however as it’s not the biscuit type thing I’m looking for. I need something crunchy to shake me up and gear me for the rest of the day. I would buy it again as a treat because it’s nice and sweet. One interesting point to me is the sweetness, which seems to come as the ingredients indicate from sugar. I would have thought considering the name of the brand and health conscious marketing that using honey would have been a more obvious choice.

Overall however it’s a great treat at lunch time though not necessarily for dunking. I hope to track down more products from Honeybuns soon.

7 out of 11

Local cafe's counter stategically placed.

Final Thoughts
The bee on the pack will be out of a job if they insist on using sugar.

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