Friday, 25 October 2013

We're all going on a Halloween Holiday

Sorry folks I'm shutting up shop here!

No not indefinitely don't worry, who booed just then? Come on own up who booed at the idea that I'm not giving up blogging and settling down to  life of crime. You know crime that has its basis in confectionery. I'm not quite sure what form that would take I assume some chocolate bootleggery or force feeding someone masses of molasses.

Anyway I'm off on holiday tomorrow to the Isle of Wight and probably won't have the blogging capabilities that my home offers. We can strike a deal though, hows this one. I won't be able to review for Today, Saturday and Sunday but once I get back I'll do a mega review to make up for it.

In return I'll have a great time staying with an amazing friend and exploring his island habitat. More so I'll do this exploring with an amazing beautiful and intelligent woman on my arm. I know you guys are getting so much back from this deal. I may even get you some souvenirs. By this I mean I'll buy tourist crap and review it later.

Well see you all when I get back to the mainland.

Byeeeeeee xx

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