Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pumpkin Patch Perils

So day three of my self-imposed challenge to only feature Halloween goodies. So far it’s been rather well let’s be honest, rather disappointing. We’ve had gingerbread man lacking in ginger and a round hairy lump that contained Lupin’s green rice balls. Not a great start but perhaps today is going to be different ad if not there’s only around eighteen more to go (sobs).

I picked up this item at the same time as the spider as both were on offer. That’s one good thing so far is that a lot of these items can be found really cheap just because the shops are trying to shift them before Halloweens gone. Shops have an odd relationship with this season I think, they set up an aisle or so two weeks before hand and then tear it down usually the day before. I guess unlike Christmas which pretty much runs for a whole month in advent terms at least, Halloween is literally one day and then it’s over. We’ve yet to welcome it like our American cousins, which is a shame as I happen to enjoy Halloween as much as Christmas.

I think the table cloths the most terrifying thing here
Today’s product is an example of a product rehash like I described in yesterday’s review. It’s a smarties pumpkin, basically a spooky themed Easter egg. It’s a nice idea I think really as at least you’re getting more than just a hollow pumpkin as these contain the tiny little smarties. Let’s not get too fooled however as I say it’s just a rehash of a previous line rushed out for this fleeting festival.

The foil designs nice not much you can say except at least they didn’t tack some cardboard legs on. Although I have to admit that with these cheap seasonal lines I find the foil packaging to be rather lacking. They don’t keep the chocolate fresh and as a result often these lines can taste stale, however it could just be the placebo effect. Just because it looks cheap and is cheap I expect that it should taste cheap too (what a world we live in). After unwrapping her (I use him too much I’ve decided) I was surprised to find that the design carried onto the chocolate itself. Better than yesterday’s review where the design changed slightly and it ended up looking rather scrotal.

She looks so cheerful shame what happens next.
My surprise increased when I cracked her open and found that the smaller smarties are in fact miniscule. Now I haven’t seen mini smarties in ages and I have grown (in size not mentality I fear) but I swear these are even smaller. Also I realise how clichéd that sounds but honestly there is barely anything too them. After trying one I found that they are now mostly sugar shell with not much chocolate inside. The problem with this is that because there is less chocolate all you can really taste it the sugar coat. I try to dissolve the coat first but again because it’s tiny I barely get a taste before it disappears. What I did get of it however tasted really well cheap. Tasting similar to the usual smarties chocolate, but sweeter and definitely less chocolaty.

Next I moved onto the pumpkin shell. The layer of chocolate here too is rather thin and stingy. Clearly Nestle are trying to save costs everywhere. I’ll give extra points to Cadburys Spiders now as they may have been cheap to use cardboard in the gimmick but at least they didn’t scrimp on the chocolate. The thinness of the chocolate again makes it difficult to get any real grasp on the taste. You kinda need to eat it all at once to build up a big enough picture. If you do this I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed in two ways, firstly you will have eaten all your chocolate at once never good. Secondly you’ll discover that it’s that cheap sweetened advent calendar like chocolate. Tasting more of sweetener than of chocolate.
She kept complaining of a splitting headache
 Overall I was disappointed again rather; I guess I shouldn’t complain too much after all I did get them on offer. Essentially this cost me fifty pence and contained quite a few smarties. Just a shame they tasted bad and I had to eat more of them.

4 out of 11

Superdrug (chemist)

Final Thoughts
I'm beginning to think perhaps this challenge is cursed.

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