Monday, 2 December 2013

SkyLanders Swap Force Advent Calendar

So it’s already the second of December. Tsck, where does that time go, eh? November seems like but a distant memory. Just random images in a haze of memories that blend into one. Perhaps I should stop eating so much chocolate, clearly it’s having an odd effect on me. Never, that’s blasphemy, especially considering I have my Advent challenge to keep up. After all how bad would it look if I gave up after just two days?

Yes its day two and to complicate matters slightly, today’s item is my day one advent calendar chocolate. Don’t look at me so bemused if you check yesterday’s post, I explained that I open my doors (or rather the calendars doors) before bed too late for my blog post time (about nine unless I’m late, which I usually am).
As I say today’s item is indeed my advent calendar, thoughtfully picked out on my behalf by my other half (Hmmmm not sure I like that phrase, should have stuck with beautiful but mad girlfriend). We each bought each other our advent calendars, she bought me this Skylanders Swap Force one and I bought her a Tinkerbelle one (with wearable wings).  Clearly we are both too childish and clearly we know each other well.
I only recognize Spyro, just about
I have been looking forward to cracking this baby open, it’s been sat on my sideboard mocking me for days. It would have been bad luck to open it early. I knew it and so did it, and it just sat there smugly. Well not anymore! One thing I don’t like about this is that poor old Spyro’s name isn’t even on the box anymore. Yes, he is himself but it seems that he’s been ousted out of his own franchise. Poor bugger! Anyway without further ado let’s see what’s behind door number one.

I will admit I’m not getting my hopes too high here; after all we are literally in advent calendar territory here, though at least it’s not the company I shall not name for lawsuit purposes. I find door number one surprisingly quickly on the left cheek of frog Spyro (can you tell I’m not a fan of his redesign?), usually it takes me at least ten minutes.  Already I’m slightly disheartened, with no picture on the inside of the flap and a tiny generic tree for the treat. I did hope I’d be eating the skylanders, seemed fighting after Syro’s treatment.
perhaps its meant to be the Octopus skylander's hand? Bit grim that thought
Still chocolates, chocolate and I’ll eat it just the same. Anyway the whole calendars still special to me and no generality will change that! So I give it a bite and see what it’s like. I’m a bit put off I must admit to the air bubbles that make it look like the tree has sucker cups on it, one of those Octo-trees clearly. It tastes a bit of cardboard at first and if I had chewed it that’s all I would have got. Behind that though is actually a nice creamy milk chocolate with a subtle nutty hint. Much better than expected, but then I would say that. My girlfriend reads this blog!

Overall a bit on the small size, but compared to previous calendars I’ve had it’s not bad. I look forward to the twenty four more to go.

4 out of 11

Not sure, but I've seen it around

Final Thoughts
God knows what Crash Bandicoot will look like when they dig him up. I miss Playstation one days, sigh.

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