Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cider and Apple Christmas Pudding

So after yesterday’s rather spectacular display of shoddiness, (both in respect to the product and if I’m honest my review) today I vow to be better. Bringing something that isn’t just festively themed but also rather special. In fact a lot about this product is special to me.

Firstly I placed this item at the Christmas market that I mentioned a few posts ago, from a wooden chalet selling nothing but Christmas puddings. Not just one varieties though, oh no, these were specialists boasting four different ones. That in itself was rather special, as someone who isn’t a massive fan of Christmas puds I don’t pay much attention to developments in the field. As far as I know there’s normal and the other one (literally basing this on the coloured bowls differences you see in the supermarkets). These deserved my attention however so I took a peek and as my housemates and I wanted to we purchased a cider and apple pudding lump.
I do love the name of the company very rhythmic! 
If I’m honest things were looking rather bleak for me. It was a majority vote on the one we wanted and I was in the minority. I don’t particularly like cider; I find it a bit too sweet although I do like apples, odd to say the least. Still it was one we bought together so I would endeavour to try it anyway. Plus in doing so I get to review something slightly different from the usual mix of chocolate and biscuit.

It was also special because the pudding was the way to round off our house Christmas dinner which I was making. I’m pretty proud of my cooking prowess and of my dishes mu stew is one of the Supremes (second only perhaps to my spag bol or French onion soup). The stew tasted amazing and the dumplings some of the best I have ever produced I believe. Everyone seemed to agree though they may have slipped it in the plant pot when I turned around. Having said that our plant has been looking a bit ill lately. Then came the piece de pudding for everyone which I prepared traditionally by steaming. I didn’t follow through with the other tradition where you put a coin in it for some lucky bugger. I didn’t want to kill anyone for Christmas after all.
Why do so many look forward to this sight every year?
The pudding didn’t look as I had imagined and was much darker than I remember puddings to be. It didn’t seem to be so currant filled and breadcrumy as I am used to. The pudding tasted ok, sadly not amazing but not bad. A bit too much cider for my liking, which overpowered all the other flavour somewhat. It was a bit stodgier too and felt rather heavy. The cream went well with it though but not as nice as the regular puddings. Still the meal was great, we pulled crackers, shared jokes and almost offended each other to the point of breaking down. Basically it was what Christmas meals are meant to be.

I know it may seem to you guys as though we celebrated a tad too early but our household isn’t the most organised and soon we all leave for our respective families. We tend to plan big events a week in advance as often something arises. This kind of backfired in that we managed to keep our plans this time. Still it was Christmassy and everyone else loved the pudding.

Overall the stew was great, the pudding meh but the evening was magical. Wow I feel soppy, how much more festive can you get?

Christmas pudding - 5 out of 11
Evening - 10 out of 11

'German' Christmas market

Final Thoughts
Amazing friends are amazing.

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