Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Dairy Milk Chocolate Coins and Others

So yesterday I talked about one aspect of Christmas tradition. OK so I didn’t really but I did reference them, baubles. Essentially balls that for some reason become festive the moment December arrives. It is odd how everyday items take on a whole new meaning for the holidays.

Take today's items for example, coins, we use them every day to buy our hearts desires. They are rather essential, unless you’re like me and find yourself shoving them in your pocket and forgetting them. Honestly sometimes my coat is so weighed down by the things I feel like I’m wearing a divers suit. Anyway slightly off topic, so yes, once a year these little blighters take on a whole new form.
I'm a sucker for the knitted look of Cadbury products.
Suddenly they become chocolate and usually much bigger than usual (not that I’m complaining). I don’t know why they do this I assume it has something to do with stockings. In my house at least my parents would fill our stockings with loose change; I guess the idea is to do the same but with chocolate.  Whatever the reason for their miraculous transformation, I have three to bring before you today.

I have a Dairy Milk branded bag and two unbranded cheaper ones I got for the price of one golden disk (£1). First up the Dairy Milk ones, in three different sizes and two colours. Disappointingly the different foil doesn’t denote different flavours. Nope, these are all Dairy Milk and taste well you’ve guesses it like Dairy Milk. Although it is a nice taste and it’s good to see a company not changing the recipe for a gimmicky holiday idea. Then again it is Cadbury so they can usually be trusted. Not much to say except they are nicely presented in the usual net bag and you get quite a few.
No company name on the label. Always a good sign
Next up we have the cheaper version, first I’ll try the milk chocolate as a comparison. Again they come in a multiple of sizes and any colour you want, as long as it’s gold. I begin to worry as I peel back the foil on one of the smaller ones as I get a cheap an oddly nutty aroma. Never a good sign in any situation. Popping one in my mouth I get a taste of stale sweetened chocolate, with a slight cardboard taste which you could say is rather confusing. As I expected really these are nowhere near as nice, but then nowhere near the price either.

Lastly I move on to the white chocolate currency changelings, my hopes weren’t high for these either as it’s the same company. On unwrapping I got little encouragement and very little smell. However, taste wise these are actually really, really… dull. Honestly there was no flavour to begin with and then slight hints of cardboard mixed with a Milky Bar. Still let’s remember these things cost very little and are probably meant for someone much younger and less refined than I (maybe not the second one actually).
Behind the forth door, I think it's a Christmas pudding, bit early right?
One thing they all shared in common regardless of price was the fact that the coin design was carried on inside too. It’s a small detail I know but after two disappointments they keep me going.

Overall I shouldn't complain, I do but I shouldn't. Instead really I should appreciate them after all they will be gone for another year soon… What a shame, Eh?

Dairy Milk - 8 out of 11
Cheapo milk chocolate - 4 out of 11
Cheapo Whit chocolate - 3 out of 11

All three from a petrol station.

Final Thoughts
Why can't we use chocolate money as currency, scratch that don't think it would work some how.

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