Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Fete fun

Do you know one of my favourite things about Christmas? You know apart from: gift giving, gift receiving, family time, holiday, turkey, roast, present wrapping. Right this is getting ridiculous! I’ll just tell you, its Christmas fetes. Although even then I prefer summer fetes but that’s mainly because they come with added BBQ.

There’s something about this time of year that churches, town halls, schools and generally any big public hall like space that’s big enough for a few trestle tables. They then fill those tables with second hand goods, toys, gifts, crafts and more importantly food. No wonder my heart starts to flutter when I see glorious signs that inform me of the prestigious events.
Top one is coffee, bottom one plain, as you can plainly see.
That’s what happened the other day when I passed a sign advertising just such an event at my local church. So of course I took a wander in, looked over the wares and took part in the raffle. Then I bought myself some homemade fudge in coffee and plain flavour and headed off to get a tea, where I also had the opportunity to purchase the obligatory shortbread biscuit. Hey presto what do you know I had a review in the making. Not only have that but a review that fits my advent challenged.

Its day three after all and I’m really getting into the festive spirit. In fact as I type this I’m listening to a playlist of Christmas songs and loving every one of them (apart from Cliff Richard of course).  Anyway on to the items. First up the fudge, which I was assured was homemade. It’s an odd colour for fudge this as its pretty much snow white, the texture too is odd very much like fondue filling rather than fudge. It literally melts as you place it on your tongue. Unfortunately the plain one did live up to it’s name a bit and other than a subtle taste of vanilla had little to offer.
It looks nice and the icing tasted great!
The coffee tasted much nicer with a great sweet coffee taste, no bitterness. In fact it was just like eating the centre of a coffee crème, which is great. Until you eat too many and I ended up with a bit of a cloying sensation in my throat. I attempted to combat this with a sip of tea and a bite of biscuit.

The biscuit looks nice, simple but nice you can tell it’s homemade with love. I ate the thick icing star first of course and got a nice hit of royal icing. Then I tried the actual biscuit, it had a great crumbly texture to it as I bit in and it too melted in my mouth. However yet again it was rather plain, with no sugar dusting and not much butter in the recipe it was quite bland. I tried dipping it in my tea which brought out some sweetness but still rather disappointing.

Behind todays (or rather yesterdays) door a drum!
Overall whilst the treats on offer where a bit of a low point the fete itself was great. Also I won the raffle, I won an Antiques Roadshow board game, still can’t complain, a wins a win right? 

Plain fudge - 4 out of 11
Coffee fudge 5 out of 11
Biscuit - 4 out of 11
Fete - 7 out of 11

Ummmm round the corner

Final Thoughts
Who should I inflict the board game on first?

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