Sunday, 8 December 2013

Mini-smarties Penguin

I'm afraid today's post is going to be a little short I fear. No don't start cheering at that speck of information, firstly that's rude and secondly you'll bruise my ego. I've been rather busy these last few days and I don't just mean on here. Which has kept me on my toes I'd like to point out. Sometimes  it's not easy posting everyday but for the sake of my advent challenge 2013 I'll do it.

Looks weirdly smug under the wrapping.
No winter weather gear at all!

It's not only a busy schedule that's bothering the blog its also today's item. Sometimes there is very little you can say apart from 'oh its a penguin'. Although I do wonder why they have picked a penguin for there Christmas items. I guess Penguins live in the cold and Christmas is cold, but its a very vague link at best. Also I would like to point out to Nestle's that penguins also live in Africa. I guess it could be worse the Milky Bar Christmas item is some kind of owl I think.
Went off before I could scoff - blooming marvelous!

Anyway the item I'm going on about is a mini Smarties penguin. Basically a festively themed Easter egg you know at Christmas. Inside is a nice helping of mini smarties which actually taste the same as normal smarties this time. The chocolate shell isn't quite so nice however, tasting rather cheap and not very thick. Then again I've got used to companies scrimping on quality for a holiday themed items. My best guess is that they believe that the items are most likely going to go to kids who don't mind as long as its vaguely sweet.

One very worrying aspect of this product is that I left it in a tin for a bit as I didn't finish it all at once. Then when I went back, it had already began bloom. I don't really know why it did this, I've left chocolate in the same tin, in the same place for weeks with no ill effect. Perhaps as its a penguin I should have put it in the fridge... or an African beach.

5 out of 11


Final Thought
It doesn't even have a scarf or woolly hat on!

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