Saturday, 21 December 2013

Disney Dismay

I know I probably come off as a bit of a cynical person and that's probably because in general I am. Some point around the time I turned six I bypassed all other ages and became a forty year old. So in spite of this it may surprise you to hear that yesterday I went and watched a Disney film. Completely voluntarily I might add.

I enjoyed it too and thoroughly recommend all of you try and see Frozen at some point. I was surprised at just how much I liked it. I loved the songs, the characters, the story just not the snowman. Though I hear that's what everyone is agreeing upon, he doesn't even serve a purpose. I truly hope that even children hate him and that his plushy sells worse than a guinea pig walking leash (believe me they exist). I could go so far as hoping that the lack of sales of such bankrupt Disney, but then I would never get Kingdom hearts 3. Plus as I say the film was good.

Why am I talking about a film though, well for one I enjoyed it. Two it's festive themed... is, Three I consumed candy as is tradition in a film. Lastly this is my blog so I'll talk about it if I want! Thank you very much. I’ll just say that it is worth seeing and whilst there are quite a few problems with it on many levels it doesn't matter when you hear some of the songs.

Anyway let's look at some candy. First I had some Co-op chocolate orange segments, oh-oh cheap knockoff rant is what you’re expecting, right? Wrong these were really nice and actually indistinguishable from Terry's name brand alternative. They melt beautifully with a creamy sweet orange taste as you would expect. Plus for a single shilling (well pound) you get quite a few segments. Only thing is they are pre-separated and you don't get the satisfaction of whacking an egg on a table.

Next I had a bag of salted caramel pretzels; this represented the savory and therefore healthy aspect of my meal. Sweet pretzels are an odd concept to me so when I saw these in Morrison’s I just had to pick one up. They kind of work much like how the festive pringles work. If you can get over the fact that the plain salted snacking pretzels are the norm you'll enjoy these. Nice and crunchy with a great sweet and salty caramel taste that fades leaving behind a dougie aftertaste.

Overall it was a nice day out complete with some nice sweets. Not much else to say just a bit of a chilled review really!

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