Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Thanks Giving- Not the Holiday!

Today's the forth of November, well it was when I wrote this. Shock, horror my secret shame I wrote this a day early to be prepared! Anyway today's the 4th of November which means two things, well two birthdays. One my Granddad yes I have rung him like a good little Saxon, and two my friend Andrew. Who kindly provided me the opportunity to try one of his presents to review.
Ohhh pretty box time!
I usually feel guilty when I take candy from babies, so the fact that he's a year older makes me feel a bit better about taking his. Also helped is that this range is obviously meant for giving, with a colourful and attractive design that practically screams Thank You. Quite literally really considering this is a box of Cadbury 'thank yous', it's all in the name. These are quite cool although the fact that there is only hazelnut praline flavour on offer seemed a bit uninspiring. Again as these are meant for sharing I guess this way there's no fighting over the cremes.
They look quite cute and gifty.
Also it's not that much of a bad thing considering how nice these taste, maybe its because they were free to me or maybe because of my recent obsession with nuts (rephrase perhaps?). But these little flowery joys taste great! The thick outside shell of Cadbury Milk chocolate we all know and love is as good as ever. Then when this is mixed with the deliciously smooth and intensely nutty filling you get an amazing taste. Both melting wonderfully on the tongue.
I see what they did there, Oscar Wilde would be sooo proud!
Only lacking perhaps is the lack of texture beyond fudgy, no small pieces of nut on offer here. I have to point out that when buying my peanut butter I have to go for the crunchy variety over smooth, it just adds excitement in my life

Overall these are really nice and a great way to say thank you to someone. Or yourself if your pretentious, like moi.

8 out of 11

In my friend's box of chocs, he did offer them out though. No theft here!

Final Thoughts
I'm not sure why he got given a box of thank yous for his birthday. Thanks for surviving another year perhaps?

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