Thursday, 21 November 2013

Ringtons Gingersnaps

It's one of those reviews again, by that I mean a biscuit review. Don't be put off by that line' 
after rereading that I've realized it sounds a bit negative. I more meant that I do quite lot of these 
reviews. Mainly because biscuit are a big part of my day (wow I have an exciting life) and if I'm 
honest something I look forward to in my day.

Free Teas always tantalizing
Each day just as I'm flagging that cup of coffee and sweet treat give me the boost I need to 
carry me through. Today the choice is even better as the biscuit I have, here to try was a FREE 
SAMPLE!!! Picture the scene, I'm fighting my way through the hordes of Christmas shoppers. 
Feeling scared, claustrophobic and generally in need of some personal space. Then as I walk past 
someone I had just perceived to be 'some guy' I found a bag thrust toward me.

Funny how sometimes you don't realize something magical has happened until your too far to 
give proper thanks. For it turns out that 'some guy' was actually my savour and the bag contained 
the magical happening. Two free samples, a heavenly combination of a new tea brand and a 
gingersnap biscuit. Did he know when he handed me this bag how appropriate it was? Two of my 
favourite essentials (for they are indeed) in one coveniant carrier. So when today as I dropped my 
pick me up was completely Gratis!

They have the look of the biscuits you get in hotel rooms... good ones
These both come from a company called Ringtons, after a quick check of their website I can 
assume that these guys kind of know teatime. This gives me reassurance in the likely outcome of 
these products. After all if they choose to specialise in my favourite time of the day I need to know 
that experience falls to experts. Not only that but the biscuits in question are Gingersnaps, lets 
face it this blog has a bit of a record with gingery goodness. These are mainly due to my exacting 
standards but hey it's a personal issue to work through.

The tea itself is Assam and smells amazingly potent which is a great sign of a strong brew. In my 
opinion for my enjoyment the tea mus have strength. It needs to knock some sense into me, and 
believe me that takes some power. Unfortunately I can't review these today because of lacking in 
the kettle department. But I can still try the biscuit with a compulsory cup of Starbucks.
As I open the pack I'm immediately hit by a powerful ginger aroma one that sends me chills of 
anticipation at the prospect of finally having a taste fiery enough for me. I bite down and so seems 
does it. This thing is certainly solid, great crunch and an intensely ginger taste that improves if left 
on the tongue.

Certainly looks as solid as it feels!
I try dunking it in my coffee and try the biscuit as nature intended. Warm, softened and infused 
with bitter back coffee. The result creates a great combination where the sweetness of my treat 
blends with the bitterness of the coffee. Ringtons have this combination nailed. The sting in this 
tail is this, however, it would seem for more supplies I'm going to need to order directly from 
them. Something I don't like doing, complications right?

9 out of 11

In an awesome most importantly free sample bag

Final Thoughts
I may have to go shopping more often!

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