Sunday, 10 November 2013

Cadbury's Portsmouth Outlet

I think I’ve found Shangri-La! Or you know El Dorado, something that people only dream of finding. The type of place a person wastes their lives searching for. Yet, I Roy Saxon have found it! In Portsmouth of all places! What is this mythical place, you ask? (You should be) It’s a Cadbury outlet store, yes a shop owned and run by Cadburys and indeed they sell chocolate. 
I feel like Indiana Jones or that guy who discovered that tomb. You know that one, right? I know this place will contain treasures beyond my wildest dreams, however, to get them there will be perilous traps. Traps that could easily take my life, or more likely my money. Without thinking of the risks too much I delve in for adventure.
Bask in the wondrous glory!
I was correct there is indeed chocolate to be had here, and at a discount price too. I enter and turn left (as statistically everyone does, apparently). A range of sealed bags bearing little description beyond misshapen bars are there before me. What a weird and wonderful idea I think. Perhaps all along those bars that are deemed unfit for sale do find a home beyond the rubbish heap I had expected. However it was a shame and on closer inspection these were in fact just jumbles of Cadbury Heroes and Roses. I was bitterly disappointed and sought comfort in the arms of some chocolate. The very chocolate I purchased and have brought to you today.

Before I made my actual purchase I had a further look round not wanting to miss a thing. I noticed how curiously it wasn’t just Cadbury products on sale here as I had expected.  It was their own products that were being sold at a reduced outlet price though and other names were their usual retail offering. The bar I picked of Toffee Popcorn Crunch can attest to this at a discounted price then I had been accustomed to seeing.

Looks sweet and innocent now, right?
So that’s today’s item. Which I soon unwrapped and consumed after escaping Cadbury’s candy cove. I was at once very surprised, well twice technically as I was taken aback two fold. Firstly just how thick this bar is, it is rather beastly, being almost twice as thick as a Dairy Milk bar. Obviously this is to allow it to contain whole pieces of popcorn which looks rather impressive. Secondly the worryingly sparse amount of chocolate, with just enough here to hold together said popcorn and a bit more for the top and sides.
I try a piece soon enough anyway. As always I try and let it melt for the first tasting. The chocolate is the usual beautifully sweet and creamy Dairy Milk but due to little coverage this fades quickly. The popcorn also melts nicely on the tongue but unlike the Dairy Milk the sensation isn’t as pleasant. Instead it just turns mushy and tastes a bit plain. The again popcorn isn’t really meant for melting in the mouth is it?

But look it's a friggin monster!
No, it’s meant for chomping down on in a noisy manner to annoy all other movie goers! So the next piece I chomp down on with glee. The experience is much better with a good bite and great texture its clearly not meant for a sucker like me. But it tastes great like this and the popcorn this time had a hint of toffee to it. This combined well with the chocolate and created a nice combination. The toffee was a bit fleeting, but there was obvious potential here.

Overall this bar is quite cool, but could be made better by having more of a toffee taste. The main thing is still my discovery of the Cadbury store, a modern day miracle!

8 out of 11

Cadbury's outlet store

Final Thoughts
I wonnder how many of these ancient chocolate worshipping sites exist?

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