Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Cadbury's Dairy Milk and a Hershey's kiss: A rest is as good as a change.

I'm tired, So very tired. After yesterday's perilous adventure and travels into the crypts of Cadbury's I need a rest. Surely I deserve a moment just to experience a piece of confectionery just for the sake of it. Just to eat chocolate, I for one think I do.

To hell with it, of course I do. In fact, I challenge myself to revel in the mundane today. I'm going to grab a 'cup of Gypsy Lee'  and delight in something safe and comforting. I'm thinking something along the lines of a Milk chocolate bar, not even fruit and nut. No! this bar needs to be a plain milk chocolate example. Unfortunately with the nearest Tesco being an adventurous journey from my house, further still is Asda (there economy brand bars are still some of my favorite chocolate bars available see Here for details.). There is no telling what excitement could occur on any trip to them, for now I need to sit in my house and avoid danger.
The presentation is quite impressive!
The solution? A humble bar of Cadbury's dairy milk miniatures and a bag of Hershey's kisses I keep lying around for such an emergency of indecision. Both of these are the humble milk chocolate of choice in their home turf for many who are looking to merely just add some sweetness to their day. No frills, no innovation just simple sugary goodness. I recently bought both of these and the problem is unsurprisingly all the contents are the  same, which can get a bit dull. However they do indeed come in handy at times such as these when I crave basic comfort.
Less impressive but a bit more fun
First we have the Dairy Milk miniatures, these are ingeniously packaged I think. The outside is designed to look like one of the smaller blocks which are inside, giving it a Russian doll feel to it. The pieces are each individually wrapped in gold foil and then further in that classic purple paper jacket. They look very classical Cadbury's and invoke the feeling of ration era Britain. I pluck a piece and carefully unwrap the packaging. They smell subtly of Cadbury Milk chocolate and the wave of familiarity brings ease to my excitement weary mind. They kind of have the look of an accompaniment to a coffee an upper class Cafe would perch on your cups saucer. I take a bite and the usual taste meets my tongue. Sweet, creamy and definitely milky, with a smooth fudge like texture as it melts in the mouth. Nothing fancy just good chocolate.
Round one: appearance goes to Cadbury's
Next up is the Hershey's kiss. Call me biased but the appearance of these guys just aren't the same. The foil for instance doesn't even quite cover the entire piece. I do like the little stripe of paper used to unwrap them in one easy flick. In today's rush world it's comforting to know we can get chocolate in just one tug. I take a bite and find I great richer, much more subtly sweet tasting milk chocolate. Whilst the lack of sweetness is initially disappointing it does mean you avoid the cloying sensation you can get with Dairy Milk.

Overall both are great and much overlooked in a time of crazy candy combinations that seem to be booming at the moment.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk - 7 out of 11
Hershey's Kiss - 6.5 out of 11

Both have been residing in my cupboard, originally they came from the local co-op and American sweet shop respectively.

Final Thoughts
Tomorrow I fight a bear!

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