Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Frijj 'Supreme Banoffee Pie' Milkshake

I’ll admit it outright, here and now. I am an impulse buyer! Regular readers of this blog are probably rolling their eyes at that statement and thinking ‘we know Roy, it’s pretty obvious. Plus you’ve admitted this to us before, remember?’  They will also no doubt judge me and my inability to learn from past mistakes. Well sorry folks, today’s review will prove the fact that I never learn.
Ooooooo Shiny Supreme Edition!
As an impulse buyer there are two words that have a massive effect on me, despite deep down knowing their true meaning. These words are ‘limited edition’. Slap that on your product and I’ll purchase it before I realise it is the same as its boring neighbouring alternative. Yet that phrase sets a frenzy inside me that leads me straight to the tills, out the door and tasting in one fell swoop. Today’s item is different, however. Truly this time, I promise for it is a bottle of ‘Frijj Supreme Banoffee Edition’ milkshake.

I don’t really know what makes a ‘supreme edition’ better than a limited one but it has the same effect on me. I was hoping its supremacy, perhaps, meant it could transform into some currency I could use to pay for it. Alas there was little chance of that happening, so when I got home I sought clarification from the packaging. This investigation uncovered something that sent a chill down my spine. Apparently what makes this product different is that it’s ‘supremely thick’ and made supreme with ‘fresh milk’. No Frijj, that doesn’t make your product supreme. It makes it a milkshake!
They did try realllllly hard to justify the Supreme
I begin to realise that in all honesty this is probably just a sweetened version of their current toxic (to me at least) banana flavour. Before I can get too downhearted I pop the cap off, which doesn’t help matters. I immediately detect a sickly-sweet banana aroma. I take a sip and I have to admit I was surprised. It was initially rather sugary with a subtle taste of vanilla and weirdly not much banana. This faded into a hint of toffee which blended well and did bring back memories of banoffee pies past. However, it doesn’t really taste substantially different enough to warrant its supreme title.
If looks could clog your arteries
It is definitely thick and creamy, which is actually something of a double edged sword. It’s too thick to refresh me in any real way and definitely wouldn’t be reached for on a hot summer’s day. Then again, it’s also not thick or textually stimulating enough to warrant being a dessert or breakfast-type treat. It’s stuck in a pointless limbo of no purpose. That was until inspiration struck and I poured it over some meringue and fruit to create an awesome dessert… at like, two in the morning.

Overall, if I am honest there isn’t anything ‘supreme’ about this and I’ve effectively been duped again. The only real change comes from the elaborately designed packaging which did its job and pulled me in. Were I  sophisticated, I could go on to philosophy and how everything is the same under its wrapper. But I’m not, for now at least.

4 out of 11


Final Thoughts

 It would seem that fool me several hundreds of times still causes shame on me :(

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