Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Nero & Bianco - Dark Chocolate

There has been a lot of recent research that’s finding chocolate is actually more beneficial than previously thought. Helping beat cravings during diets, lowering BMIs of teenagers and strengthening your teeth more than fluoride! Before, however, you go out and consume the nearest candy you can catch there are some provisions. The benefits are truly only prevalent when you delve into the Darker chocolates.

Like a fancy looking Zebra!
Reading these recent development stories made me realise something, I haven’t yet tried any Dark chocolate for this blog! I know scandalous right? Upon this revelation I immediately reached for the conveniently placed Dark chocolate bar next to the cafes till. The rather luxuriously-looking examples usually get dreadfully overlooked by me in favour of the bright and cheery alternatives. I must add that the packs themselves are very proud of their Fairtrade and organic status. My impulsive purchase at least will not only make me feel better but the world too!

The product in question is from Nero & Bianco who apparently use only the ‘finest organic ingredients’. This bar is described further by them as being a ‘rich intense dark chocolate’ and containing 70% cocoa. Their range isn’t limited to this bar although all the others on offer are 35 grams. Not much chance of overdoing it here then. Being Dark Chocolate this bar also is slightly limited in calorie content too, at 217 calories for this whole bar. The saturated fat too is lower at 10.15grams. Overall, definitely better for you that a Rice Krispie Cookie Crunch bar.

Definitely not as healthy and about the complete antagonist in taste
It has a very designer feel about it, being black in style with a floral display. On the inside the bar is divided into a lot of very small blocks, clearly they know that little and often is the secret to happiness and health. It has a very subtle smell similar to burnt coffee beans. A temptingly warm, but bitter aroma. Taste wise I find it to be very disappointing. It has a waxy texture that refuses to melt on my tongue in any pleasing manner. It came across as very bland and a definitely bitter, this wouldn’t have been a bad thing had the sensation been a bit stronger. As it is the taste barely detectable and just a bit boring.  A lot of this could be down to my overly indulged taste buds after all I’m used to the sweeter things in life.

4 out of 11

Local cafe

Final Thoughts
 Why does everything that's healthy have to be dull!

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